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Anglet, between Land and Sea, at Maison Lekua...
Bidart, the Ocean, at Villa Ttipia...
Magescq, between Forest and Sea, at Airial Landriou...

Three ideal destinations to cultivate the art of seizing the moment.

Bidart bakery: scrumptious baguettes and pastry indulgences

On of the best, local sweet indulgences is the gâteau basque. Among the many adresses to recommend, here would be the perfect place to start. This Bidart bakery, a traditional boulangerie, offers scrumptious baguettes and a delectable pastry selection. All with flawless quality and the passion of craftsmanship.

Boulanger, pâtissier as well as caterer, Au Fournil la Licorne (literally: the unicorn bakerhouse) offers sweet and savoury options for all types of events. One thing's for sure, its legendary gâteau basque is an indulgence not to be missed!

Au Fournil de la Licorne, Bidart bakery with baguettes and pastry selection, open Monday to Friday from 6am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 5am to 8pm. Tel: +33 (0) 559 477 991

Local farm shop: La Ferme Elizaldia in Bidart

Among the locavore options in Bidart, the local farm shop La Ferme Elizaldia is the perfect stop if you are looking for really fresh, sustainable local food. This Basque cooperative offers produce supplied by farmers whose commitment to quality is a prime obsession.

Ham, saucisson and cheese specialists, these farmers - or should we say craftsmen - supply sustainable produce that is naturally organic and of the highest quality. Their standard-setting know-how in making the tastiest Jambon de Bayonne is the result of years of experience : great care is given to the pigs's diet composed of cereals, oil cakes and minerals. Ethically raised, they live under optimal conditions on the farm. Pay this local farm shop a visit to find out more, you won't be disappointed!