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Maison Lekua, Anglet Basque Country, France, luxury holiday rentals, SimpleLuxe
Farmhouse chic atmosphere for family holiday. Luxury holiday rentals, Les Landes, SimpleLuxe

The art of seizing the moment

We love...

Pink Floyd, our groups of friends so different from one another, cold-pressed olive oil, Chassagne-Montrachet, mountain walks, brebis cheese, grandma's cooking, silence, lying down in the grass, detective novels, Haute Couture (especially Violaine), Asia, fresh salads, falling asleep in each other's arms, sailing (especially Eric), Corton-Charlemagne, Emilia - Louis - Juliette and Marguerite, the ocean, doing nothing, rushing around, gardening (especially Violaine), films with Robin Williams, dancing until late and waking up early (and late), entertaining friends.

Tarantino, listening to cello music in the evening, pop music, dancing, zany and weird but not gory tv shows, Jura Comté cheese, zipping around on our scooter together, working out together too, à la plancha recipes, board games, DIY (especially Violaine), cooking (especially Eric), Simple Luxury, the other great wines, showers, lying in bed listening to the birds sing, lying in bed listening to the rain, our friends who are similar to one another, Almodóvar, mentalism (especially Eric), Molly our golden retriever, the beach (especially Violaine), creating in our respective fields, coarse salt on rib steak, rugby (especially Eric), ballet (especially Marguerite), inventing machines (especially Louis), fresh vegetables (especially Emilia)... and everything else of course.

Who, today, has been able to stop time?
If time cannot be stopped, how can we enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest?

The ancient Greeks had two words for time. Chronos is the passing time that we fill up while Kairos is an intangible notion of time, measured by a feeling not a watch. It is the moment of opportunity, the 'right time' where something may happen.

The Greek god Kairos was represented as a young man with wings and a tuft of hair on his head. He moves very fast and, to catch his hair, you had to seize the opportunity as he passed by you. When Kairos approaches, there are three possibilities:

SimpleLuxe cultivates the art of seizing the opportunity.

This is the path we have chosen and pass on to our children.

For this project, we have decided to rent out our Homes and leave you with the keys in the hope you find the soul of each house inspiring.

The freedom of focusing on the present moment.

Because Kairos, the opportune moment, would be nothing without Knowledge, we want our guests to be informed about the opportunities around them. The antithesis of "ready-made" packages and schedules, in our family homes we have chosen to provide you with a source of spontaneity, so you can enjoy the freedom of focusing on the present moment that you long for.
Visit Here & Now to find out more about what is at your doorstep... or reach us by chat, here on our website, or by email at
It is in this spirit that we welcome you and that we are here to listen so that you give yourself these moments and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Airial Landriou

Airial Landriou

Nestled in a forest of pine trees, the perfect rustic chic atmosphere with space for all the family and friends.

Maison Lekua

Maison Lekua

Maison Lekua sits in a peaceful garden, a stone's throw from the centre of the 5 Cantons neighbourhood in Anglet.